Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca

September 10, 2018

A wedding that lasted 2 days that for Anika and Kalpesh at Renaissance Tuscany Relais il Ciocco in Barga, a place set in the lush green of the Tuscan mountains.


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The bright colors were the focus of this event started in pink and fuchsia for the traditional Mehendi ceremony; under hundreds of hanging roses, the hands and feets of the bride and all of her friends and relatives, were painted with wisdom and elegance with the henna as they tradition until sunset when many floating lanterns light up in the pool like fireflies for the Sangeet (the dancing evening).


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The next day begins for us at dawn: the colors of the sun that shines already in the early morning, the yellow and orange cover, with silk fabrics and large floral compositions with roses, hydrangeas and carnations, the terrace in which place the Haldi ceremony at noon. At this time the bride and groom are scattered with a yellow paste made of turmeric, sandalwood, chickpea flour and rose water, as a sign of good omen; so much joy you can breathe in the air with music, wild dances and the scent of spices.


2-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 1-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca


At the sound of this happiness, we continue our work to make magical the place of the main ceremony. At the entrance to the large lawn we build a round portal made of intertwined branches and groups of flowers, under which the bride’s family will honor the groom by making a sign with a red powder on each participant’s forehead.

At the same time we give life to the Mandap, an imposing gazebo made of natural wood decorated with large floral arrangements in the soft colors of pink blush and twisted cherry branches. Decorate the entrance hallway of the couple with bunches of gypsofila and many rose petals scattered along the aisle.


48-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-1-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 38-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-a-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 31-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca



Everything is ready for the wedding, the big party begins, the groom gets on horseback to the sound of the drums … It’s all a dance, sing and clap, a riot of colors of clothes.

17-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 

The GROOM’s ARRIVAL video on Vimeo >>

The white veils of the Mandap move in the wind and the fire in the middle of it is lit, the couple looks like gods; we are enchanted to watch these beautiful rituals for us new .. but only for a few minutes, because we have to prepare the decoration of many tables for the wedding dinner where between the transparency of the crystal and the soft color of the flowers, many candles will illuminate the night.


15-1como-lake-wedding-photographer-indian-wedding-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 18-1-tuscany-wedding-photographer-indian-wedding-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 23-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 26-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 24-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca

39-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 32-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 42-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 46-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca


IMG_3669-300x225 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca FINISHING setup of the MANDAP video on Vimeo >>


37-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca The CEREMONY START video on Vimeo >>


And the night came again with the dances and the strong smells of traditional Indian food, the two days of work for us are about to end, two days that took us away without having to travel, two days in which we met fascinating traditions, new scents, new songs, two days of India in the heart of Tuscany. Thanks Anika and Kalpesh! We wish you all the best.


76-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x782-1-300x229 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 80-Indian-wedding-lake-como-wedding-tuscany-photographer-1024x682-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca 81-lake-como-weding-photographer-tuscany-wedding-1024x682-1-300x200 Colorful Indian Wedding in Lucca


A Special Thanks to those who helped make this day special: Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa, Ashu Aery, ANAND VIVAH “The Indian Wedding Hut”, Aery Rau, Gaia Vitiello, Daniela Tanzi LAKE COMO WEDDING Photographer.


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