Tuscan Romance

February 18, 2019

Danielle and Dan’s wedding was truly a global affair. The couple decided to say “I Do” in Tuscany, and their guests and relatives flew in from all over: Canada, Australia, Japan, the U.K., Africa, Europe, and of course, the U.S.

The couple’s guests started the celebration by gathering in Florence, where they had a festive pizza party at the Hotel Villa Fiesole. The festivities culminated in the wedding ceremony and celebration at the famous Vincigliata Castle, the only castle near Florence which operates as an event venue. The castle is located on top of a Tuscan hill in Fiesole and offers breathtaking views of Florence and its surroundings.

The day turned out to be perfect: a few clouds helped to hide the sun and there was a light breeze. On arrival to the ceremony, guests were able to admire the grounds, the castle’s various courts and impressive walls, as well as a picturesque fountain and sculptures. The pianist was playing light jazz music. The flowers were dispersing light fragrances…

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