History of Bridal Bouquet

January 27, 2018

When we are preparing our creations for a wedding, we carefully choose some flowers, the most beautiful, without any defects, blooming at the right point, the most fragrant and put them aside to then give life to the most important accessory of the event: the Bridal Bouquet.

The Bridal Bouquet is what makes us thrill with the bride when we give it to her, as if it were the object that makes her aware that this is the big day, the bouquet is often that element that makes us damn because the bride changes 100 times idea how she wants it, the bouquet is that particular that must remain beautiful for the duration of the event because it is taken in all the photos, the bouquet is that thing that holding it in your hands makes you feel the bride. Since it is such an important element of our work we asked ourselves where the bouquet came from and we discovered that it has a very long history.

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In ancient Greece and in ancient Rome, before Christ, brides were given a small bouquet of aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary to be kept in hand, as a sign of good luck and prosperity, which was later given in gift to the gods. In the centuries after Christ, instead, the brides were carrying a white lily that indicated their purity. In the Middle Ages, however, no more flowers were used but objects that symbolized the housework of women: like the spindle to spin, the needle and the sewing thimble, accompanied by a silver daisy.

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The return to flowers took place around 1400 AD. with the crusades, importing from the Arabs the tradition of orange flowers as good luck; this tradition refers to their ancient legend that tells of a King and a peasant girl very in love but who, because of their social difference, could not be together. The girl gave the King a small orange plant to grow as a sign of their love. The King took such care with so much love of the seedling that he became a beautiful and prosperous tree. One day an ambassador arrived who was impressed by the beauty of this plant and asked for a twig from the sovereign who jealously rejected it; the ambassador then paid the gardener with such gold, thus obtaining what he wanted. The gardener who was poor could with that gold marry his daughter and adorned her for that day, just with those orange flowers that had brought them so much luck. Since then these flowers symbolize true love and also prosperity.

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In the following times the bouquet as well as the orange flowers could also be made of other small fragrant flowers such as lily of the valley and small roses, or other flowers as long as they were white and tied with a double knot silk ribbon to underline the bond of fidelity.

From then until the present day, the use of colorful flowers has also entered the tradition, which may or not have intrinsic significance, but which certainly matches well with the color and style of the dress.

Today many brides also like to give a different meaning to this object more deep than that of a mere accessory that completes the dress; the meaning most frequently attributed is that of the last and first gift from the boyfriend to his lover as a sign of the end of a journey and the beginning of a happy life together. In this case it is the groom himself who delivers the bouquet to the bride or has it delivered by his mother.

Often to emphasize this meaning of transition from the life of a child and a girl to that of a woman and a wife is inserted into the bouquet a small object linked to the memories of the bride.

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At the end of this fascinating journey in its history we can better understand the value of this object that for us has even more beautiful and deeper importance … when we put it in your hands you give us the amazement of your eyes that shine and some tears that it goes down with joy …

Thanks to all of you our brides having filled our hearts with these emotions and thanks to you future brides to give us the opportunity to continue to marvel you.


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