Wedding on a charming Farm

January 11, 2018

Imagine a full summer afternoon, an ancient country estate nestled on the top of a Tuscan hill, olive trees and green as far as the eye can see, the cicadas singing … Imagine the light summer breeze, the fresh of a tree-lined avenue leading to a old church and two radiant spouses who walk through it to say their Yes.

This is what we have imagined to create our floral arrangements and all the details to make this place and this day more magical, using the summer colors of pink, lavender, nude and white; but in their more peaceful tones to give freshness and at the same time that ancient taste that the place requires. Ancient taste that is also reflected in the details such as the lace bracelets for bridesmaids or on the reception tables, adorned with ethereal garlands and glass vases with bouquets of flowers as they used to be.

Close your eyes and imagine a marriage of the past in a country estate, where you celebrated alfresco, where you could breathe the party, the laughter, the fragrance of good wine in the glasses, the promises and kisses of the couple, the tales of their loved ones and friends … open your eyes and continue to see all this, know that we have worked to contribute to all this … nothing can repay us more!


Serena is the producer & floral designer of Lilla Bespoke Florals. Wife of Federico, shares with him the same passion for nature and flowers. She deals with production and set-up of wedding decorations. She loves to take care of all details and she is the author of the most articles on the blog in Italian and partly in English.

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